CDS(CHANGE -D STYLE) had launch a new show room in meerut. Click here to know more http://www.change-d-style.com/index1.html/


We are going to launch our new product Gym offline - online Manger.

Launched Resturant Manager.

Launched Advocate Legal Diary

Launched Mobile shop Gallery Manager

Finished Continental Infrastucture Implementation Project

Start TVS Infrastucture Implementation Project

Software Development

Software development is a comprehensive term which have a no of Development phases like Planning,desiginng, development, testing and maintenance. Our development team follow Agile software development methodology and we welcomes the changes of client and release a beta version in specified time or as soon as possible. development team have excellence in providing qualitative ,reliablity ,performance ,security along latest technology.
we are expert in providing Retail, Sales, Wholesale and distribution, Inventory and Stock control, Account and Educational ERP services.
Mobile Shop retail and sales manager
Advocate Legal dairy
Courier Services Manager
Stock Mamager
School Mangement ERP
Gym online-offline Manger

Software Maintenance and Support

Software Maintenance is a very vital, important and dynamic process for keeping the Application, websites and portals free from errors, useful and influential always. we are exploring your software with time to time to make software compitable with latest technology.Maintenance and support is long time spann process, So we have a special team here with technical expertise for the process of software maintenance and support. Software maintenance goes on throughout the life cycle of a software product. A corrective action is taken to fix bugs and glitches which might otherwise affect the working and performance of the software. Adaptive is that which goes on to keep the product updated like if a program is not working on an operating system the operating system is changed with a newer one. software is regularly and periodically monitored. Letting your business flourish in the changing environment, asking for more proficiency and safe functioning of functions all demands are fulfilled by the process of software maintenance at our company. Portals and e-commerce websites is a section which require a continuous adaptive process as you have to keep on changing content and information, like a sale on a site of an item means it is no longer there or adding new products means there is more to buy but this needs to be updated on the site. A ticket booking site needs to keep visitors informed about the availability. This makes this a compulsory process. We provide and facilitate our clients with all these services at their convenience. we are well known for its superior level of support. Our Experienced support team is dedicated to helping you get your questions answered in the QUICKest possible time. Support is provided in the form of various online resources, Documentation, a Comprehensive Online KnowledgeBase (FAQ's), Tutorials, an online web-based Support Ticketing System and Direct Contact. Please check the Documentation and other resources prior to creating a Support Request or Contacting Support.





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